Language Learners say the Darndest Things

A Freckled Journey

Learning a language is hard.  Everyone says it… Because it´s true.  Trying to learn spanish is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I am not programmed to learn a language.  And most of my students find it quite a difficult task as well, all the rules and exceptions and things you just can´t explain.

As you learn more, you speak more.  As you speak more, you make more mistakes.  And some of them are bound to be hilarious, offensive, embarrassing and so on.  So I have gathered a few of the very best for your enjoyment:

1.  Preservatives

When you first move into a house you want to be super nice to your roommates, make them want to take you to the mountains, to a friend´s wedding, drinking… So you speak and speak.  Now, Tanner is a friend and fellow auxiliar here in León.  On his third…

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