Writing: Using Six Word Stories and Fifty Word Stories: no preparation or paper!

Kaur Gibbons' Thoughts

sixwordstories.net / fiftywordstories.com

Notes on the websites:

1. Include stories that have been made up of six words or fifty words only.

2. Divided into categories, e.g. sixwordstories: romance, sci-fi, happy / fiftywordstories: artistic, adventurous, puns

3. sixwordstories: so short that it becomes fun, challenging, and engaging!

4. fiftywordstories: more complexity usually with puns.

5. To be used with adults only!  Often references to PARSNIP topics, but this is reality and authentic!

If you have technology (internet access in classroom and projection, students with own device):

1. Go to the website(s) in class on the screen.

2. Show the list of categories and get the class to choose one together.

3. Explore a few of the stories on the screen by asking questions such as:

  • Why do you think it is part of this category?
  • What is the general meaning? How does it make you feel?
  • Can you draw a picture…

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