Hands-on Weight and Mass

English Classes at Cygnaeus School

balances_2en_bEnglish Class second graders continued learning about measuring by comparing the mass of objects. The second graders practiced measuring mass by using hanger scales in small groups. It was fun, and they found out that the classroom stapler weighs more, or has more mass, than a typical book or football and that a book weighs more than an egg carton or bunch of multilinks.


The second graders discovered that the heaviest items were the stapler and tape roll holder and that the lightest items were the multilinks and an egg carton. An important observation that the children made was that, although the egg carton was the lightest object, it was not the smallest.


The second graders also checked the label of many food products to find the net weight of each product. There was a bag of sugar, sliced bread in a bag, a snack bar, a tin/can of food, a…

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