Digital Vitae

Why I want to teach Middle Level Education

I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. From my very first memories of school I remember the awe I felt while listening to my teachers instruct me. I looked up to them as the holders of endless knowledge and I was always hungry to learn about anything and everything. It was (and still is) a passion of mine, to learn. My teachers were my early keys to unlocking new discoveries. I told myself that when I grew up, I wanted to be just like them and know everything so I could share it with people. I wanted to be a teacher.
I began college studying Early Childhood and Special Education. There is a particular place in my heart for young children and for children with special needs so I thought the major suited me well. I learned so much throughout my Freshman and Sophomore years about the field of education, especially the development and learning processes of children. During Sophomore year however, I started feeling more drawn to teach slightly older children. This summer that feeling was made concrete when I went to volunteer at a family camp. I was made leader of the 3-5 year old program and co-leader of the 10-12 year old program. It was a prime opportunity to really examine what I was drawn to in each age group and make a decision. Both groups were a joy to work with and I learned so much from them. I really can’t say that I love one more than the other. Nonetheless, by the end of the summer it was very clear to me that I wanted to be a Middle Level teacher. In the classroom, the 10-12 year olds were much more engaging. Because of their level of maturity and critical thinking, we were able to have a more concentrated learning environment with deeper discussion and broader projects. I enjoyed the fact that they were old enough to take learning more seriously but still young enough that they acted like kids and made it fun.
Thus, I have come to my decision. Although I do still enjoy working with children of all ages, the Middle Level students have won me over. I am choosing English and Language Arts as my concentration because of my passion for that field of study. Reading, writing, vocabulary, and the science of our language all intrigue me and I think my students could benefit from having a teacher who is as keen on learning as they are. I am looking forward to delving deeper into my major and learning how to better reach and teach students in Middle Level Education.


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