As we begin reading The Outsiders this week, your homework every night will be to read one chapter of the book and define the vocabulary words for the chapter in your Vocab Journals.

Chapter 1: madras, cowlick, unfathomable

Chapter 2: hastily, roguishly, incredulous

Chapter 3: gallant(ly), aloof(ness), elite

Chapter 4: apprehensive, defiance, contemptuously,

Chapter 5: reluctant(ly), eluded, fiend

Chapter 6: keeled, towheaded

Chapter 7: mimicked, juvenile delinquent, aghast

Chapter 8: faltered, diverted, dogged(ly)

Chapter 9: “spruced up”, grimaced, stifle

Chapter 10: stupor, delirious, reckless

Chapters 11-12: bewildered, composition


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